Cutterpilar PRO ABS & Cutterpillar Crop
 Cutterpillar Pro ABS in Australia.
The latest Cutterpillar Pro ABS and 6" Cutterpillar Crop are made from molded ABS plastic, making them much lighter than the original Cutterpillar Pro which had an aluminiu base.
Both models now come with a Metric and Imperial ruler.  It sounds like sales hype, but its cutting is amazing. 
Check out these features
  • Unique self sharpening blade for clean straight cuts though any stock.  
  • A LED back light illuminates the cutting edge for perfect cuts. 
  • No more paper jams or ruined cardstock. 
  • Molded ABS Plastic construction for lightweight strength. 
  • Soft and sure rubber feet to secure the cutter and protect any surface it’s on. 
  • 12″ capacity storage drawer, for paper and scrapbook supplies. 
  • Trim a full 12 inch sheet of paper down to the smallest hairline scrap. 
  • Safe too! Even kids fingers are safe from the ever touching the blade. 
  • Once you try this cutter, you’re hooked… you will never use any thing else. 
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