Silhouette Cameo Vinyl Package.


Cutting vinyl with your Silhouette Cameo is a breeze. Our customers are using vinyl stickers on plates, cups, walls, cars and advertising signs. Just to name a few applications. In fact Skat Katz introduced the worls of vinyl to the Balloon industry years ago. We showed business how to apply vinyl stickers to foil balloons, so they could offer personalized balloons to their party customers.

How about Heat Transfer Vinyl. Cut out your design and iron onto a t-shir or fabric. We offer a range of matte colors or glitter heat transfer vinyl.Just remember when using your Silhouette Cameo to cut words, you need to mirror the word before cutting or else it will appear reversed when you iron it on to your fabric. This is not necessary when cutting sticker vinyl with your Cameo. You can also cut Flock Heat Transfer Vinyl with your Silhouette Cameo. 

While not strictly vinyl, cutting printable sticker paper has developped a large following in Australia. There is a whole community based on making your planner pretty. The Silhouette Cameo and Portrait allow you to print your designs and tags on printable sticker paper, then place the printed sheet into your Cameo to cut.


Skat Katz Silhouette Cameo with super extras.  
everything you need to get you cutting vinyl like a pro!  
 Silhouette Vinyl roll feeder  
 Silhouette Premium Transfer Paper  
 Hook Tool  
 Large Universal Scraper
 30 cm x 2m Black Metamark M7 Premium vinyl  
 30 cm x 2m White Metamark M7 Premium vinyl  
 30 cm x 2m Blue Metamark M7 Premium vinyl  
 30 cm x 2m Red Metamark M7 Premium vinyl 
 9" x36" Heat transfer vinyl

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