Glow In The Dark Self Adhesive


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This Glow In The Dark film is a high performance, high energy
photoluminescent acrylic film designed for safety and emergency
exit signage. Common uses include marking the steps, landing and handrails
in exit stairs.

Photoluminescent markings and signage are energy efficient in that they are rechargeable and require no electricity.

While designed for safety signage, this glow in the dark film is PERFECT
for all your GLOWING decoration needs!
Dimensionally stable, durable film
Easy to install, just peel and stick

Contains no radioactive materials, no heavy metals or toxic components.
Can be disposed of in a sanitary landfill or incinerator.
Can be plotter cut or processed into different shapes and applied to a wide
variety of surfaces for safety applications and decorations.
Printable with most solvent digital printers, screen print inks and thermal transfer printers

Once the film is charged it lasts for hours and is seen best in a dark room.

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