AlbaChem® Cutting Mat Revive and Renew Pack


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Clean and renew your cutting mats and save 10% when you purchase the Cutting Mat Cleaner and Eco Mist Adhesive in our cutting mat renew pack!

Pack includes :
1 x cutting mat cleaner
1 x Eco Mist Spray Adhesive

AlbaChem Cutting Mat Cleaner is an easy and effective spray cleaner for maintaining and extending the life of your cutting mats. It may be used to clean all types of mats for hand and machine cutting. A clean mat lasts longer and helps keep dirt, debris, lint and adhesives from contaminating your projects and causing miscuts. With AlbaChem Cutting Mat Cleaner, your cutting mats will last for much longer.

  • Very low odor
  • Cleans and Renews
  • Removes dirt and residue
  • Removes old adhesives
  • Safe for most all surfaces
  • Product size 237ml


AlbaChem Eco Mist is an all purpose pressure sensitive textile adhesive.

PERFECT for Re-tacking cutting mats.

Also great for Embroidery: holds appliques in place before stitching; Screen Printing as it provides temporary bond on pallets while t-shirts, cut pieces, and other textiles are printed; Apparel Manufacturing: hold blotting paper in place while fabric is cut.

  • ‘‘Flashable’’ screen print pallet and embroidery adhesive
  • Great for cutting mats
  • Pressure sensitive. Will not transfer
  • Does not contain hexane
  • Product size 340g


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