Print Pro Light – Heat Transfer Paper for Light Fabrics


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High quality transfer paper for light-coloured fabrics

A white transfer paper for printing on home inkjet printers, used to create unique designs for a matt finish fabric transfer. Easy to use for transferring photorealistic images or other graphics to light-coloured fabrics, reproducing vibrant colours.
Perfect for transferring images to t-shirts for “one-off” events, such as children’s birthday parties; hen/stag nights; youth adventure trips; short-term promotions in shops.

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Size : A4

• Light coloured fabrics must be minimum of 50% cotton • Wash fabric before transferring
• Do not use an ironing board
• Do not use steam – empty the water out before ironing • Avoid fingerprints both before and after printing
• Curled or damaged sheets should not be use
• Use in well ventilated areas
• Adult supervision is recommended for children

Printing procedure:
To ensure correct size, test on copy paper before printing onto the film
Leave to dry for min 10 minutes before transferring
Do not mirror image.

Iron temperature 170°C – ensure the iron is not too hot by ironing a plain sheet of paper (should not turn yellow)

Image preparation:
Trim the image down, rounding of all edges – leaving a 3-4 mm edge all the way around. Peel away excess material and apply a heat transfer tape if required to peel image away from backing sheet. If printed image is one whole image then no heat transfer tape is required. Peel image away from backing sheet and lay onto garment,

Iron Application:
A4 size – 180 sec / A5 size – 90 sec / A6 size – 30 sec. Irons with steam holes need slightly longer

Heat Press Application:
180°C 15-20 sec.

Removing the tissue paper
Leave fabric to cool completely before peeling of the release liner. After removal, place a piece of tissue paper on the image and iron again to soften the film and reduce the sheen.

Aftercare tips:
Washing & drying –
• Wait at least 24 hrs after transfer printing before washing • Wash inside-out
• Machine settings = max 30°C / 1000 rotations/min.
• Do not use softener or bleach detergents
• Remove from the machine as soon as cycle has finished • Drying – Tumble dryer with cool settings
Maintain excellent colours by ironing after every wash – always with baking paper never iron the unprotected transfer. Do not use steam!

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