Siser P.S. Heat Transfer Vinyl Adhesive – 30cm x 50cm


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Siser Easy Weed Adhesive is a novel approach to hot stamping foils.

Just cut and weed as you would Easy Weed. The product applies a layer of adhesive to a garment that can be used to bond hot stamping foils to the shirt.

Features:Polyester composition on pressure sensitive carrier mask
75 micron/2.95 mils

Suitable for application on cotton, polyester and cotton/ polyester blends.

Application Instructions:
Cut in reverse
Weed Design
Press Easy Weed Adhesive to garment at 275°F (135° C) with medium pressure for 5 seconds.
Peel hot.
Cover with hot stamping/heat reactive foil and Teflon sheet. Press for 15 seconds with medium pressure.
Peel cold

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